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Lypossage® is a non-invasive, Holistic alternative to other body contouring methods.

Lypossage® is a respectful, non-invasive approach to dimension loss and detoxification that helps diminish the “dimpled” look of cellulite in women.

Lypossage® is a clinically proven treatment that effectively:

  • Detoxifies your body of years of built-up wastes and toxins – making you feel better.
  • Reshapes your figure without machines, needles, invasive surgery, exercise or dieting.
  • Re-contours and smoothes your skin by stretching and breaking down bound-up adhesive fibers that hold fat in uneven rippled patterns commonly known as cellulite.

Lypossage is a series of 18 sessions plus a free consultation before and after.  Best results are seen with 2-4 sessions per week.  For more information please give us a call.

Regular Pricing for Lypossage:

Lypossage Consultation – 30 minutes – FREE
Lypossage Session – 30 minutes – $105


RIGHT NOW – Get our special introductory pricing – available through June 31, 2015.
Lypossage Session – $52.00
3 Lypossage Sessions – $149.00
6 Lypossage Sessions – $279.00

For more information, or to schedule your consultation, visit us at

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